mlpack 3.4.2


a flexible, fast machine learning library

a flexible, fast machine learning library

Stars: 3989, Watchers: 3989, Forks: 1426, Open Issues: 73

The mlpack/mlpack repo was created 7 years ago and was last updated Yesterday.
The project is very popular with an impressive 3989 github stars!

How to Install mlpack

You can install mlpack using pip

pip install mlpack

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add mlpack

Package Details

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  • Software Development/Libraries
  • Software Development/Libraries/Application Frameworks
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A list of common mlpack errors.

Code Examples

Here are some mlpack code examples and snippets.

GitHub Issues

The mlpack package has 73 open issues on GitHub

  • added check for input data value
  • getting all class prediction with probability score for classification model like random forest
  • Added Simple Exponential Smoothing model for time series
  • adding sample examples for adaptive layers
  • Instance Norm
  • Subset Selection on data
  • Removing Remaining Boost
  • Added checks for relative input shapes in linear regression and k means clustering
  • move and copy constructor for pooling layers
  • input_labels parameter in preprocess_split function can't be empty
  • Randomized ReLU Activation Function
  • LayerNorm copy and move constructor created
  • Implementation of Threshold Activation Fn Done
  • A loaded model with PReLU does not produce expected predictions
  • add implementation of ISRU activation function

See more issues on GitHub

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