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PDF parser and analyzer

PDF parser and analyzer

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The pdfminer/pdfminer.six repo was created 8 years ago and was last updated 6 hours ago.
The project is very popular with an impressive 3863 github stars!

How to Install pdfminer.six

You can install pdfminer.six using pip

pip install pdfminer.six

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add pdfminer.six

Package Details

Yusuke Shinyama + Philippe Guglielmetti
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  • Text Processing
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A list of common pdfminer.six errors.

Code Examples

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GitHub Issues

The pdfminer.six package has 114 open issues on GitHub

  • Add extras_require in for PIL, and raise error if not installed when needing PIL
  • encodingdb.name2unicode(name: str) -> str can't handle type1 font diff like: 2, /'MT110', /'MT50',…
  • reading order is not quite right formultiple columns in one page
  • Same sentence is printed three times for a specific PDF file when using pdf2txt
  • extract images including their textual Figure number/title etc located below the image in a pdf. ie a margin around the image to be captured as well.
  • extract heading and section headers from pdf…cant acheive this now
  • Prefer logging to warning
  • Fix regression in page layout that sometimes returned text lines out of order
  • Text out of order with pdfminer 20201018
  • getting lots of (cid:#) instead of readable text
  • Question: Negative bbox coordinate (x1)
  • split a multi-page pdf file into multiple pdf files
  • list index out of range at self.cmap.add_cid2unichr(s1+i, code[i])

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