gradio 2.7.0


Python library for easily interacting with trained machine learning models

Python library for easily interacting with trained machine learning models

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How to Install gradio

You can install gradio using pip

pip install gradio

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add gradio

Package Details

Abubakar Abid, Ali Abid, Ali Abdalla, Dawood Khan, Ahsen Khaliq
Apache License 2.0
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A list of common gradio errors.

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Code Examples

Here are some gradio code examples and snippets.

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GitHub Issues

The gradio package as 38 open issues on GitHub

  • Embedded demos overflow on homepage
  • Migration of backend from Flask to FastAPI/Starlette
  • Missing Type Hints
  • It will be better, if queue no. is shown before submit button.
  • State isn't working
  • Enable Markdown in Description
  • Investigate enable_queue
  • Optional inputs should be designated as such in the UI
  • Drawing on the sketchpad is buggy
  • Allow users to limit Audio/Video components to X seconds
  • Getting-Started Doc "Using State" paragraph doesn't use CSS from code
  • Model output to render mesh model in 3d viewer (gltf / glb / obj)
  • Audio output does not show in a screenshot
  • Gradio doesn't automatically create a shareable link in sagemaker
  • Screenshot button is buggy

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