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FiftyOne: the open-source tool for building high-quality datasets and computer vision models

FiftyOne: the open-source tool for building high-quality datasets and computer vision models

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The project is popular with 945 github stars!

How to Install fiftyone

You can install fiftyone using pip

pip install fiftyone

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add fiftyone

Package Details

Voxel51, Inc.
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  • Scientific/Engineering/Artificial Intelligence
  • Scientific/Engineering/Image Processing
  • Scientific/Engineering/Image Recognition
  • Scientific/Engineering/Information Analysis
  • Scientific/Engineering/Visualization
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A list of common fiftyone errors.

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Code Examples

Here are some fiftyone code examples and snippets.

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GitHub Issues

The fiftyone package has 208 open issues on GitHub

  • Docs updates
  • [FR] Add support for importing/exporting segmentation data in VOCDetectionDataset format?
  • [BUG] The epoch incorrectly renders as 0 in the App
  • [BUG] TypeError: '<' not supported between instances of 'str' and 'NoneType' when trying to create a dataset
  • Adding support for setting frame-level fields by frame number in set_values()
  • [BUG] App cannot render empty heatmaps
  • [BUG] fiftyone.core.service.DatabaseService failed to bind to port
  • [BUG] Cannot import name '_registerMatType' from 'cv2.cv2'
  • [HOLD] Adding support for saving changes made to AnnotationResults
  • [BUG] Lightning Flash integration doesn't work with current Flash version
  • Update visual similarity stage in-place when possible in App workflows
  • [BUG] Solidify and document path restrictions and behavior
  • [?] How do I limit some classes when exporting a dataset?
  • [SETUP-BUG] localhost refused to connect on GCP notebook
  • [FR] Add support for loading a COCO dataset from JSON without images/data

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