pyro-ppl 1.8.3


A Python library for probabilistic modeling and inference

A Python library for probabilistic modeling and inference

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How to Install pyro-ppl

You can install pyro-ppl using pip

pip install pyro-ppl

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add pyro-ppl

Package Details

Uber AI Labs
Apache 2.0
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A list of common pyro-ppl errors.

Code Examples

Here are some pyro-ppl code examples and snippets.

GitHub Issues

The pyro-ppl package has 233 open issues on GitHub

  • Support 4D ProjectedNormal distribution
  • add log normal negative binomial distributions
  • [FR] consider improving/modifying error message handling w.r.t. stack level
  • Update
  • Implement Bayesian regression example from NumPyro in Pyro
  • Is AutoStructured implementing the guide for directed graphical models?
  • [bug] AffineAutoregressive transform leads to exploding gradients
  • Add a compatibility shim for using contrib.funsor with existing models
  • Add modified Bayesian regression tutorial with more direct PyTorch usage
  • Port NumPyro introductory examples to Pyro
  • Behavior of init messenger for using reparam inside plate
  • Implementation of quantiles for messenger guides [WIP]
  • Tutorial on Bayesian workflow, with a SARS-CoV-2 running example
  • 🐛 LocScaleReparam and enumeration with NUTS
  • Pyro 1.9 release checklist

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