vertica-python 1.3.8


Official native Python client for the Vertica database.

Official native Python client for the Vertica database.

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The vertica/vertica-python repo was created 10 years ago and the last code push was 2 days ago.
The project is popular with 378 github stars!

How to Install vertica-python

You can install vertica-python using pip

pip install vertica-python

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add vertica-python

Package Details

Justin Berka, Alex Kim, Siting Ren
Apache License 2.0
GitHub Repo:


  • Database
  • Database/Database Engines/Servers
  • Database/Front-Ends
  • Software Development/Libraries/Python Modules
No  vertica-python  pypi packages just yet.


A list of common vertica-python errors.

Code Examples

Here are some vertica-python code examples and snippets.

GitHub Issues

The vertica-python package has 11 open issues on GitHub

  • calling cursor.nextset() after cursor.fetchone() can cause query hang

See more issues on GitHub

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