td-ameritrade-python-api 0.3.5


A python client lirbary for the TD Ameritrade API.

A python client lirbary for the TD Ameritrade API.

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The areed1192/td-ameritrade-python-api repo was created 4 years ago and the last code push was 1 years ago.
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How to Install td-ameritrade-python-api

You can install td-ameritrade-python-api using pip

pip install td-ameritrade-python-api

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add td-ameritrade-python-api

Package Details

Alex Reed
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A list of common td-ameritrade-python-api errors.

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GitHub Issues

The td-ameritrade-python-api package has 48 open issues on GitHub

  • I am sure its me not thinking properly….But… using the Streaming data How to tell if the last trade was a Buy or Sell
  • Streaming CHART_EQUITY response missing some symbols with dot
  • Question: Buy Call option based on Underlying price; Once triggered, place trailing stop
  • You don't have permission to access this resource when getting orders
  • Status codes need to be updated
  • [Feature Request] Add option for providing credentials directly instead of a path
  • Any pointers to help? Streaming issue (error: websockets.exceptions.NegotiationError: Unsupported extension: name = permessage-deflate, params = [])

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