scapy 2.4.5


Scapy: interactive packet manipulation tool

Scapy: interactive packet manipulation tool

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The secdev/scapy repo was created 6 years ago and was last updated 6 hours ago.
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How to Install scapy

You can install scapy using pip

pip install scapy

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add scapy

Package Details

Philippe BIONDI
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  • Security
  • System/Networking
  • System/Networking/Monitoring
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A list of common scapy errors.

Code Examples

Here are some scapy code examples and snippets.

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GitHub Issues

The scapy package has 80 open issues on GitHub

  • Make DHCP more user-friendly
  • Refactoring of ISOTPSoftSockets
  • NTLM relaying - SMB / LDAP
  • High CPU Usage
  • added support for linux cooked v2
  • Licensing of
  • Fix do_copy() of class ASN1F_field
  • Deep copy for x509.X509_Cert packet is wrong
  • [RTPS contrib] New RTI proprietary PIDs
  • Intermittant "WARNING: Mac address to reach destination not found. Using broadcast." on windows 10.
  • Fix length initialization
  • L2TP post_build is broken
  • Add TCPROS layer to contrib
  • [WIP] RTCP Support
  • RTCP packet support

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