python-can 3.3.4


Controller Area Network interface module for Python

Controller Area Network interface module for Python

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How to Install python-can

You can install python-can using pip

pip install python-can

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add python-can

Package Details

Brian Thorne
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  • System/Hardware/Hardware Drivers
  • System/Logging
  • System/Monitoring
  • System/Networking
  • Utilities
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A list of common python-can errors.

Code Examples

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GitHub Issues

The python-can package has 109 open issues on GitHub

  • Can I use this with ELM327 USB?
  • If parsed data has shortened, overwrite end of line with spaces
  • Add Kvaser Leaf support on macOS
  • 584 add test player
  • [TINY] Fix syntax highlighting in bus.rst
  • Add preserve timestamps to virtual
  • Thread Safe SocketCan Implementation
  • Assigning Can Filters for mcp2515 CAN bus module on python
  • Implement check for minimum version of pcan library
  • BLFParseError when handling Dante test suite files
  • Current DLC didn't support FD
  • Adapter enumeration
  • Test of ixxat interface got over-simplified and now fails
  • python-can 4.0.x can/ timing configuration do not allow int
  • Add a method to the message-class that gives a bit-representation of a message

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