pyhf 0.6.3


pure-Python HistFactory implementation with tensors and autodiff

pure-Python HistFactory implementation with tensors and autodiff

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How to Install pyhf

You can install pyhf using pip

pip install pyhf

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add pyhf

Package Details

Lukas Heinrich, Matthew Feickert, Giordon Stark
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  • Scientific/Engineering
  • Scientific/Engineering/Physics
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A list of common pyhf errors.

Code Examples

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GitHub Issues

The pyhf package has 365 open issues on GitHub

  • feat: Alternative Schema Locations
  • Documentation for parameter-related properties of _ModelConfig
  • pyhf+textual for exploring workspaces / patchsets interactively?
  • Explore pyodide for pyhf
  • Track and update changes to percentile in PyTorch and JAX backends
  • Expose base_uri in utils.validate
  • Use Rich for formatting summary output

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