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Mobile Verification Toolkit

Mobile Verification Toolkit

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The project is extremely popular with a mindblowing 6579 github stars!

How to Install mvt

You can install mvt using pip

pip install mvt

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add mvt

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A list of common mvt errors.

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Code Examples

Here are some mvt code examples and snippets.

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GitHub Issues

The mvt package as 19 open issues on GitHub

  • Can't be upgraded from v1.2.11 to v1.4.1 on Debian
  • Bump adb read timeout
  • '''mvt ios''' and '''mvt android''' ask a mvt packaging missing in my system ubuntu
  • check-backup fails with "The path you specified is a not a folder!"
  • MVT On Termux
  • Improvement: include unshortened urls in sms.json
  • Decrypting backup fails at, line 1165 in unlockKeys
  • ERROR [mvt.ios.modules.backup.configuration_profiles]
  • mvt-android download-apks
  • "Unable to connect to the device over USB. Try to unplug, plug the device and start again."
  • Error in running extraction from module Packages: list index out of range
  • Missing safari history from iTunes backup?
  • Translate documentation into Spanish

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