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Datamodel Code Generator

Datamodel Code Generator

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How to Install datamodel-code-generator

You can install datamodel-code-generator using pip

pip install datamodel-code-generator

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add datamodel-code-generator

Package Details

Koudai Aono
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A list of common datamodel-code-generator errors.

Code Examples

Here are some datamodel-code-generator code examples and snippets.

GitHub Issues

The datamodel-code-generator package has 97 open issues on GitHub

  • Support class generation from Avro Schema
  • Bump mkdocs-material from 8.1.7 to 8.1.8
  • Bump typed-ast from 1.5.1 to 1.5.2
  • Bump pyparsing from 2.4.7 to 3.0.7
  • No Enum generated for underlying type of array
  • Support for extends
  • jsonschema example command from documentation errs
  • Needs support for new version of pydantic released (v1.9.0 (2021-12-31))
  • WIP: Differentiate "nullable" and "not-required" properties
  • Handle multiple pattern properties
  • Multiple pattern properties are not handled correctly
  • Creation from an "empty" object schema results with a Model containing an empty dict or None
  • Missing support for "const" keyword
  • datamodel-codegen isn't creating all models from jsonschema
  • It's not possible to run pydantic validation using objects nested from Enum

See more issues on GitHub

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