chia-blockchain 1.2.11


Chia blockchain full node, farmer, timelord, and wallet.

Chia blockchain full node, farmer, timelord, and wallet.

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The Chia-Network/chia-blockchain repo was created 2 years ago and was last updated 29 minutes ago.
The project is extremely popular with a mindblowing 9803 github stars!

How to Install chia-blockchain

You can install chia-blockchain using pip

pip install chia-blockchain

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add chia-blockchain

Package Details

Mariano Sorgente
Apache License
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Code Examples

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GitHub Issues

The chia-blockchain package as 239 open issues on GitHub

  • Add Prometheus Exporters
  • No sincroniza el Nodo completo, pero si la billetera
  • Fix npm install issue
  • Fixed an issue where LGTM on chia-blockchain-gui did not work
  • Full Node stops sync after a few minutes [Bug]
  • WIP optimize get ancestors.
  • Can't connect to full node[Bug]
  • Move BLS validation to other processes during sync
  • [Bug] Invalid ETW in dev GUI
  • [Bug] GENERATOR_RUNTIME_ERROR raised Creating a multiple mint CAT
  • Made global npm modules be executed as local npm modules
  • Atari wallet (Draft)
  • Full Node Stop to Sync while Wallet is Syncing
  • collect streamable metadata early, allow ignored fields
  • Only install NodeJS on Ubuntu if it's not already available

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