beanie 1.20.0


Asynchronous Python ODM for MongoDB

Asynchronous Python ODM for MongoDB

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The project is very popular with an impressive 1352 github stars!

How to Install beanie

You can install beanie using pip

pip install beanie

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add beanie

Package Details

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A list of common beanie errors.

Code Examples

Here are some beanie code examples and snippets.

  • beanie code example from docs

    The following beanie code example shows how the library works by first defining two pydantic classes and then save a record to the database and retreiving a record. beanie utilizes pydantic and `motor`` to provide an asyncronys ODM for mongodb.

GitHub Issues

The beanie package has 34 open issues on GitHub

  • Replacing Get Database for AsyncIOMotorClient
  • Pytest Reccomendations
  • Validation error when getting the doc and it's linked document is deleted.
  • Cannot import local packages in the migration modules
  • Please issue a Changelog with releases
  • Can't replace a dict attribute with save_changes
  • Support for MongoDB Views
  • Add ignore cache in query
  • [Query] Pydantic Validation throws error even while fetching data from db
  • Add support for synchronous operations
  • Using transactions in order to ensure data consistency
  • Avoid race condition
  • Query linked fields
  • Suggestion for dynamic projections
  • Support for tailable cursors

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