apache-airflow-backport-providers-amazon 2021.3.3


Backport provider package apache-airflow-backport-providers-amazon for Apache Airflow

Backport provider package apache-airflow-backport-providers-amazon for Apache Airflow

Stars: 34773, Watchers: 34773, Forks: 13627, Open Issues: 978

The apache/airflow repo was created 9 years ago and the last code push was 18 minutes ago.
The project is extremely popular with a mindblowing 34773 github stars!

How to Install apache-airflow-backport-providers-amazon

You can install apache-airflow-backport-providers-amazon using pip

pip install apache-airflow-backport-providers-amazon

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add apache-airflow-backport-providers-amazon

Package Details

Apache Software Foundation
Apache License 2.0
GitHub Repo:


  • System/Monitoring
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Code Examples

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GitHub Issues

The apache-airflow-backport-providers-amazon package has 978 open issues on GitHub

  • manage_sla firing notifications for the same sla miss instances repeatedly
  • Update the architecture overview to include Triggerer
  • airflow.exceptions.SerializedDagNotFound: DAG 'DAG_Name' not found in serialized_dag table
  • fix - dag dependencies view is not showing for postgres based metadata #21059
  • Fix - Running airflow dags backfill –reset-dagruns <dag_id> -s <execution_start_dt> -e <execution_end_dt> results in error when run twice.
  • (Re)fix Dangling rows moving with MySQL+Replication
  • Dag dependency view is not rendering for Postgres backed Airflow
  • Running airflow dags backfill –reset-dagruns <dag_id> -s <execution_start_dt> -e <execution_end_dt> results in error when run twice.
  • Templated fields for DynamoDBToS3Operator similar to MySQLToS3Operator
  • Improve handling of string type and non-attribute template_fields
  • Fix: Exception when parsing log #20966
  • Improved instructions for custom image build with docker compose
  • More ArtifactsHub specific labels in docker image
  • Recent Tasks mixes status for current and old dag runs
  • Add dev tool to review and classify cherry-picked commits

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