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DeepSpeed library

DeepSpeed library

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How to Install adeepspeed

You can install adeepspeed using pip

pip install adeepspeed

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add adeepspeed

Package Details

DeepSpeed Team
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A list of common adeepspeed errors.

Code Examples

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GitHub Issues

The adeepspeed package has 1137 open issues on GitHub

  • [BUG] matmul_ext_update_autotune_table atexit error
  • [BUG] Unexpected caculations at backward pass with ZeRO-Infinity SSD offloading
  • update ut/doc for glm/codegen
  • Multi-node and multi-GPU fine-tuning error: ncclInternalError
  • Zero Stage-2 Frozen Layers[BUG]
  • [PROBLEM] P2p recv waiting for data will cause other threads under the same process to be unable to perform any operations
  • Spread layers more uniformly when using partition_uniform
  • Issue with DeepSpeed Inference - Multiple Processes for Model Loading and Memory Allocation
  • [BUG] CPU Adam failing
  • [BUG] Cannot increase batch size more than 1 with ZeRO-Infinity SSD offloading
  • [REQUEST] please provide clear working installation guide
  • load linear layer weight with dtype from ckpt
  • [QNA] How can i choose adam between fused and cpu?
  • Refactor autoTP inference for HE
  • [BUG] No runnable example for MoE / PR-MoE GPT inference

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