detectors 0.1.11


Detectors: a python package to benchmark generalized out-of-distribution detection methods.

This is a comprehensive library for generalized Out-of-Distribution (OOD) detection research. It provides over 20 detection methods, evaluation pipelines, OOD datasets, and model architectures integrated with timm. Additionally, it offers fast OOD evaluation metrics, multi-layer detection methods, and pipelines for open set recognition and covariate drift detection.

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The edadaltocg/detectors repo was created 1 years ago and the last code push was 1 months ago. The project is not very popular with only 11 github stars!

How to Install detectors

You can install detectors using pip

pip install detectors

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add detectors

Package Details

Eduardo Dadalto
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  • Scientific/Engineering/Artificial Intelligence
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A list of common detectors errors.

Code Examples

Here are some detectors code examples and snippets.

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