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YouTube video downloader

YouTube video downloader

Stars: 105273, Watchers: 105273, Forks: 6910, Open Issues: 5027

The ytdl-org/youtube-dl repo was created 11 years ago and was last updated 17 minutes ago.
The project is extremely popular with a mindblowing 105273 github stars!

How to Install youtube-dl

You can install youtube-dl using pip

pip install youtube-dl

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add youtube-dl

Package Details

Sergey M.
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  • Multimedia/Video
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A list of common youtube-dl errors.

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Code Examples

Here are some youtube-dl code examples and snippets.

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GitHub Issues

The youtube-dl package has 5027 open issues on GitHub

  • Redtube Grabber not working anymore
  • YouTube format 22 is missing for some videos
  • this happen when i try to download from nsfw site
  • TikTok unable to extract data
  • ERROR: Unable to download JSON metadata: HTTP Error 404: Not Found (caused by <HTTPError 404: 'Not Found'>)
  • HTTP Error 504: Gateway Timeout (caused by <HTTPError 504: 'Gateway Timeout'>);
  • Unable to download webpage: HTTP Error 404: Not Found (caused by <HTTPError 404: 'Not Found'>)
  • BYUtv
  • Dekkoo support
  • Connection to tcp:// failed: Error number -138 occurred
  • Installation instructions: prevent multi-call binary from being overwritten
  • Default installation instructions overwrite system files
  • Sproutvideo giving Error 403
  • Support Canal Alpha

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