vectorbt 0.25.5


Python library for backtesting and analyzing trading strategies at scale

The vectorbt library is a powerful tool for Python developers interested in financial analysis. It provides a fast and flexible platform for backtesting trading strategies, operating directly on pandas and NumPy objects and leveraging the speed of Numba for high-performance computations. This package is open-source and is widely used in the algorithmic trading community for quantitative analysis, strategy testing, and research.

Stars: 3021, Watchers: 3021, Forks: 498, Open Issues: 172

The polakowo/vectorbt repo was created 5 years ago and the last code push was 2 weeks ago.
The project is very popular with an impressive 3021 github stars!

How to Install vectorbt

You can install vectorbt using pip

pip install vectorbt

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add vectorbt

Package Details

Oleg Polakow
Apache 2.0 with Commons Clause
GitHub Repo


  • Office/Business/Financial
  • Scientific/Engineering/Information Analysis
  • Software Development
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A list of common vectorbt errors.

Code Examples

Here are some vectorbt code examples and snippets.

GitHub Issues

The vectorbt package has 172 open issues on GitHub

  • Using bid and ask prices
  • simple signals from external file
  • Python 3.11
  • BitcoinDMAC.ipynb has some minor issues
  • Examples hanging in Windows Juypter - incompatible package
  • pip install -e . — AttributeError: module 'vectorbt' has no attribute 'settings'
  • In python-telegram-bot>=20.0 Unauthorized is replaced by Forbidden.
  • Getting a KeyError when using
  • Difficulty resolving CCXT
  • Unit Tests Failing V0.25.4
  • How to import Unauthorized from telegram.utils.helpers
  • Loss some exit signals by using SignalFactory.
  • How to control order price when using vbt.Portfolio.from_signals
  • How to calculate fees dynamically
  • 不支持python 3.11.1 ? Do not surport python 3.11.1?

See more issues on GitHub

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