Twisted 24.3.0


An asynchronous networking framework written in Python

An asynchronous networking framework written in Python

Stars: 5498, Watchers: 5498, Forks: 1147, Open Issues: 2787

The twisted/twisted repo was created 13 years ago and the last code push was Yesterday.
The project is extremely popular with a mindblowing 5498 github stars!

How to Install twisted

You can install twisted using pip

pip install twisted

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add twisted

Package Details

MIT License
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A list of common twisted errors.

Code Examples

Here are some twisted code examples and snippets.

GitHub Issues

The twisted package has 2787 open issues on GitHub

  • Enforce the character encoding in "test_newlineStyle"
  • Don't skip all-success on deps failure.
  • Enforce protected branches
  • tls "Internal Error" When trying to serve clients using tls1.0
  • Add template for creating new GitHub issues
  • 11564 Update the development documentation to cover the latest PR process.
  • Support insecurelyLowerMinimumTo, raiseMinimumTo, and lowerMaximumSecurityTo in the SSL endpoint string parser
  • GitHub based review workflow
  • fix typo in README
  • Add bracket, an API for running async setup and cleanup operations around another async operation
  • [#9443] IRCClient: Allow trying message decoding with multiple codecs
  • [Fix #10309] Refactor SSH version string parsing.
  • Refactoring of SSH protocol version exchange
  • type error in imap4 module
  • 10280: Update

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