tractor 0.1.0a5


structured concurrrent "actors"

structured concurrrent "actors"

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How to Install tractor

You can install tractor using pip

pip install tractor

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add tractor

Package Details

Tyler Goodlet
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  • System/Distributed Computing
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A list of common tractor errors.

Code Examples

Here are some tractor code examples and snippets.

GitHub Issues

The tractor package has 115 open issues on GitHub

  • PyPI packaging broken for version 0.1.0a4; missing README.rst
  • Deprecate ActorNursery.run_in_actor() and offer as part of a wrapper cluster API
  • Always raise a received result-as-error in spawn tasks
  • Nursery does not re-raise error from .run_in_actor() remote task
  • Qt-in-guest-mode process entry point
  • Add back latest mypy since trio-typing 0.7.0 is now compat
  • tractor.open_root_actor() is not multi-task entrant, should it be?
  • Interloop (trio <-> asyncio) memory channel design
  • Add a @pub kwarg to allow specifying a "startup response message"
  • Add macos-latest to CI matrix
  • Logo tweaks
  • Multi-root discovery: pragmatic, simple consensus.
  • Actor state via messages
  • Ignore SIGINT when in a debugger REPL
  • Revamp docs for .beta0 release

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