tensorflow 2.9.1


TensorFlow is an open source machine learning framework for everyone.

TensorFlow is an open source machine learning framework for everyone.

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The project is extremely popular with a mindblowing 166993 github stars!

How to Install tensorflow

You can install tensorflow using pip

pip install tensorflow

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add tensorflow

Package Details

Google Inc.
Apache 2.0
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  • Scientific/Engineering
  • Scientific/Engineering/Artificial Intelligence
  • Scientific/Engineering/Mathematics
  • Software Development
  • Software Development/Libraries
  • Software Development/Libraries/Python Modules
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A list of common tensorflow errors.

Code Examples

Here are some tensorflow code examples and snippets.

GitHub Issues

The tensorflow package has 2348 open issues on GitHub

  • adding additional support for completions related to lazy-loaded modules
  • [oneDNN] Removing eager check for mkl specific passes
  • [ROCm] Switching Dockerfile.rocm to use python3.9
  • TFLite SignatureRunner support for the C API
  • LSTM model save warning, Tensorflow 2.7.0
  • no attribute '_register_wrapper_optimizer_cls' in python 3.8.12
  • Tensorflow restore memory leak
  • LSTM slow to calibrate with large observation period
  • [ROCm] Update TF to call HipSolver for most LA functions in ROCm 4.5+
  • iOS app size increasing
  • [TF:TRT] Add NHWC layout support to FusedBatchNorm converter
  • [TFLite] Restrict inputs and outputs scaling/zero-point to be the same for the EXPAND_DIMS op
  • [TFLite] Check that the SameOperandsAndResultsScale trait of the Maximum/Minimum ops is respected
  • Cross compile libtensorflow-lite.a is ok but many undefined reference when link it
  • Build failure due to cuda include being required on non-cuda platform

See more issues on GitHub

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