statsmodels 0.13.2


Statistical computations and models for Python

Statistical computations and models for Python

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How to Install statsmodels

You can install statsmodels using pip

pip install statsmodels

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add statsmodels

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A list of common statsmodels errors.

Code Examples

Here are some statsmodels code examples and snippets.

GitHub Issues

The statsmodels package has 2387 open issues on GitHub

  • Unknown issue with - damped_trend=True
  • pickling not supported
  • ENH: get_prediction inference for in-sample statistics, correlation to score_obs, ATE
  • ENH: use scipy.stats.studentized_range in tukey hsd when available
  • ENH: Treatment effect rebased
  • ENH: heckman endogenous sample selection with non-gaussian errors
  • ENH/REF/DOC improve hurdle and truncated count models
  • GAM: help matching to R's mgcv package (interactions, random effects, categorical variables, etc)
  • Structural VAR
  • Distributed Estimation example for Seasonal-Trend decomposition using LOESS (STL)
  • Theta forecasting model gives forecasts around 100 even if test data is in range of -5% to 5 %
  • ENH: enhancements to hurdle count model, GLM or binary models as zero model
  • ENH: hurdle count models - joint estimation and common parameters
  • ENH: add zero-modified distribution
  • ENH/Design: diagnostics based on linear predictor or tranformed distribution

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