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Clinical DNA variant visualizer and browser.

Clinical DNA variant visualizer and browser.

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How to Install scout-browser

You can install scout-browser using pip

pip install scout-browser

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add scout-browser

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Måns Magnusson
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A list of common scout-browser errors.

Code Examples

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GitHub Issues

The scout-browser package has 155 open issues on GitHub

  • Fix pull request template instructions on how to deploy to test server
  • Fix export of the delivery report logo (PDF version)
  • Cancel research variants request
  • Rename "Quality" column to something else in cancer variantS page or change its content?
  • Cancel request to load research variants from case page
  • Rename Custom Image Parameters "case" and "str"
  • Use a FlaskForm with a CSRF token when passing form data to chanio-report
  • Refactor Scout/parse Functions Reducing Complexity (#2984)
  • Make phenotype non-mandatory when assigning partial causatives
  • Simplistic CDN alternative - take three
  • Fc srs integration
  • Very slow tests
  • Balsamic ascatNgs PDF report available in Scout
  • Fix #3022 - add melter toggle
  • Allow filtering for several chromosomes

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