qiling 1.4.4


Qiling is an advanced binary emulation framework that cross-platform-architecture

Qiling is an advanced binary emulation framework that cross-platform-architecture

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The qilingframework/qiling repo was created 3 years ago and was last updated Yesterday.
The project is very popular with an impressive 3825 github stars!

How to Install qiling

You can install qiling using pip

pip install qiling

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add qiling

Package Details

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  • Software Development/Build Tools
No  qiling  pypi packages just yet.


A list of common qiling errors.

Code Examples

Here are some qiling code examples and snippets.

GitHub Issues

The qiling package has 43 open issues on GitHub

  • Default armeb_hello_static doesn't work
  • Windows vfscanf not implemented: api __stdio_common_vfscanf is not implemented
  • Emulation Stops When Placing Input Via ql.uc.afl_fuzz
  • qiling-next
  • Fail gracefully when the IP is inside unmapped memory (possible buffer overflow)
  • run ./ to crash to generate snapshot.bin
  • shellcode execution LDR error
  • Fix use pread/pwrite when unavailable
  • Aarch64 (Arm64) emulation of mrs instruction failure
  • Invalid memory read (UC_ERR_READ_UNMAPPED)
  • Signal handler is not triggered
  • [loader/] Qiling'env parameter can not contain byte strings
  • TODO List
  • Collection of works, presentations, blogpost, etc for Qiling related projects

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