qiling 1.4.3


Qiling is an advanced binary emulation framework that cross-platform-architecture

Qiling is an advanced binary emulation framework that cross-platform-architecture

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The project is very popular with an impressive 3656 github stars!

How to Install qiling

You can install qiling using pip

pip install qiling

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add qiling

Package Details

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  • Software Development/Build Tools
No  qiling  pypi packages just yet.


A list of common qiling errors.

Code Examples

Here are some qiling code examples and snippets.

GitHub Issues

The qiling package has 118 open issues on GitHub

  • Default armeb_hello_static doesn't work
  • Windows vfscanf not implemented: api __stdio_common_vfscanf is not implemented
  • Emulation Stops When Placing Input Via ql.uc.afl_fuzz
  • qiling-next
  • Fail gracefully when the IP is inside unmapped memory (possible buffer overflow)
  • run ./ to crash to generate snapshot.bin
  • shellcode execution LDR error
  • Fix use pread/pwrite when unavailable
  • Aarch64 (Arm64) emulation of mrs instruction failure
  • Invalid memory read (UC_ERR_READ_UNMAPPED)
  • Signal handler is not triggered
  • [loader/] Qiling'env parameter can not contain byte strings
  • TODO List
  • Collection of works, presentations, blogpost, etc for Qiling related projects

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