pyvelox 0.0.1a1697


Python bindings and extensions for Velox

Python bindings and extensions for Velox

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The facebookincubator/velox repo was created 2 years ago and the last code push was 15 minutes ago.
The project is very popular with an impressive 3256 github stars!

How to Install pyvelox

You can install pyvelox using pip

pip install pyvelox

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add pyvelox

Package Details

Apache License 2.0
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A list of common pyvelox errors.

Code Examples

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GitHub Issues

The pyvelox package has 937 open issues on GitHub

  • Fix handling of exceptions in try_cast from Json
  • Parquet row group prefetching doesn't work properly
  • Add date_add Spark function
  • Fix integer divide by zero when reading orc file using velox
  • [GLUTEN] Support rand SparkSQL function with seed specified
  • Cast(string as integer) behaves differently from SparkSQL with floating point input
  • Cast(string as integer) behaves differently from Presto and Spark on a corner case
  • Add ability to generate nested lazy children for RowVectors
  • Fix unnest for array of rows
  • Only verify unchanged input in verifier when there are no lazy inputs
  • Ensure encoding layers are initialized when loading lazy vectors
  • Consolidate LZ4 and LZ0 decompression of Parquet to dwio::common
  • Fix getByteRange when it encounters an invalid UTF code point.
  • Add shrinkPool API to MemoryManager/MemoryArbitrator
  • feat: PyVelox implementation for Array Vector

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