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Python GUIs for Humans. Launched in 2018. It's 2022 & PySimpleGUI is an ACTIVE & supported project.

Python GUIs for Humans. Launched in 2018. It's 2022 & PySimpleGUI is an ACTIVE & supported project. Super-simple to create custom GUI's. 325+ Demo programs & Cookbook for rapid start. Extensive documentation. Main docs at Fun & your success are the focus. Examples using Machine Learning (GUI, OpenCV Integration), Rainmeter Style Desktop Widgets, Matplotlib + Pyplot, PIL support, add GUI to command line scripts, PDF & Image Viewers. Great for beginners & advanced GUI programmers.

Stars: 13200, Watchers: 13200, Forks: 1829, Open Issues: 717

The PySimpleGUI/PySimpleGUI repo was created 5 years ago and the last code push was 5 days ago.
The project is extremely popular with a mindblowing 13200 github stars!

How to Install pysimpleguiqt6

You can install pysimpleguiqt6 using pip

pip install pysimpleguiqt6

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add pysimpleguiqt6

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  • Multimedia/Graphics
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A list of common pysimpleguiqt6 errors.

Code Examples

Here are some pysimpleguiqt6 code examples and snippets.

GitHub Issues

The pysimpleguiqt6 package has 717 open issues on GitHub

  • Found a bug on OSX and Linux (Not sure about windows) with 'use_custom_titlebar'
  • Enhancement - Option to set app name on mac
  • [Question] Changing windows while maximized causes flickering
  • [ Question] - event cancelation?
  • [ Question] How to line up different elements vertically?
  • Bug: Typo in _widget_was_created warning
  • [Enhancement ] Keep graph coordinate system constant after graph element changes in size
  • [ Enhancement] Propagate exceptions on update_animation(self, source, time_between_frames=0)
  • [Question] To differentiate if the expand triangle or the icon clicked on the row of a Table element
  • [ Question] Popup Progress meter which gets info from execute_py_file
  • [Bug] sg.Table.SelectedRows property is not up to date when handling +CLICKED+ event
  • [Bug] The program doesn't react to button press
  • [Question] When will the next version of PySimpleGUI be released?
  • [Bug] Can't seem to set Tooltip background color
  • [Error] PySide2 is not available for Python 3.11

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