pyppeteer 1.0.2


Headless chrome/chromium automation library (unofficial port of puppeteer)

Headless chrome/chromium automation library (unofficial port of puppeteer)

Stars: 2026, Watchers: 2026, Forks: 201, Open Issues: 127

The pyppeteer/pyppeteer repo was created 1 years ago and was last updated 2 hours ago.
The project is very popular with an impressive 2026 github stars!

How to Install pyppeteer

You can install pyppeteer using pip

pip install pyppeteer

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add pyppeteer

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A list of common pyppeteer errors.

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Code Examples

Here are some pyppeteer code examples and snippets.

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GitHub Issues

The pyppeteer package as 127 open issues on GitHub

  • issue with proxy autentification
  • chromium engine download fails on non rural connection
  • Circle CI build is broken
  • update puppeteer / chromium deps for debian buster
  • Run pyppeteer on docker - fails with different reason.
  • For a button, how to trigger its touch event?
  • OSX Issue module 'select' has no attribute 'epoll'
  • Chromium first-time run error: BadZipFile: File is not a zip file
  • AWS Lambda does not work on first invocation.
  • stuck on await browser.newPage()
  • Chromium crashes taking screenshots on macos
  • interceptionId doesn't exist
  • launch hangs in Python 3.10
  • #155 Initial arm support
  • [URGENT] Pyppeteer not working with –no-console pyinstaller

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