pycryptodome 3.15.0


Cryptographic library for Python

Cryptographic library for Python

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The Legrandin/pycryptodome repo was created 8 years ago and was last updated 21 hours ago.
The project is very popular with an impressive 2085 github stars!

How to Install pycryptodome

You can install pycryptodome using pip

pip install pycryptodome

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add pycryptodome

Package Details

Helder Eijs
BSD, Public Domain
GitHub Repo


  • Security/Cryptography
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A list of common pycryptodome errors.

Code Examples

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GitHub Issues

The pycryptodome package has 89 open issues on GitHub

  • OSError: Cannot load native module 'Crypto.Hash._keccak': Not found ''
  • Added support for Protocol.SecretSharing key size greater than 16 bytes
  • Conflict with PyCrypto: Both install files into the same namespace Crypto
  • Memory leak while decrypting data
  • "Illegal instruction" on armv6l / RaspberryPI Zero
  • Protect x64 intrinsics with _M_X64 flag
  • ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'Crypto.Util.strxor' (Python 3.9)
  • Add more precise type annotations for Python 3.8+
  • SHA256 Support for version 3.10.1?
  • Support for 16+ bytes secrets in Shamir implementation
  • Is ECC/secp256k1 supported?

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