plotly 5.9.0


An open-source, interactive data visualization library for Python

An open-source, interactive data visualization library for Python

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The project is extremely popular with a mindblowing 11812 github stars!

How to Install plotly

You can install plotly using pip

pip install plotly

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add plotly

Package Details

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  • Scientific/Engineering/Visualization
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A list of common plotly errors.

Code Examples

Here are some plotly code examples and snippets.

GitHub Issues

The plotly package has 1209 open issues on GitHub

  • Fixed line is drawn wrongly after zoom and pan
  • Argument to dimensions parameters cannot be a list of int although documentation says otherwise
  • Bump nanoid from 3.1.23 to 3.2.0 in /packages/javascript/jupyterlab-plotly
  • Autocompletion of Plotly code not working in Visual Studios
  • write_image (via kaleido) visually distorts large square heatmaps through aliasing artifacts
  • Plotly is not working: module 'tenacity' has no attribute 'retry'
  • Cannot export png on plotly 5.5.0 with kaleido 0.2.1 on some Windows systems
  • Box plot with custom quartiles being inconsistent with upperfence parameter
  • How to draw a 3D model composed of non-triangles?
  • Front and back dots overlap when rotating
  • Performance issues fig.add_vrect
  • Mesh3D at partial opacity generates strange rendering artifacts
  • jupyter plotly javascript error happen.
  • Plotly graph in jupyterlab notebook after exporting to html not interactive
  • String representation of Infinity

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