manimgl 1.6.1


Animation engine for explanatory math videos

Animation engine for explanatory math videos

Stars: 48861, Watchers: 48861, Forks: 5173, Open Issues: 358

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The project is extremely popular with a mindblowing 48861 github stars!

How to Install manimgl

You can install manimgl using pip

pip install manimgl

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add manimgl

Package Details

Grant Sanderson
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  • Multimedia/Graphics
  • Multimedia/Video
  • Scientific/Engineering
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A list of common manimgl errors.

Code Examples

Here are some manimgl code examples and snippets.

GitHub Issues

The manimgl package has 358 open issues on GitHub

  • Using ManimGL with pymunk for physics videos
  • Implement TransformMatchingMTex
  • DecimalNumber not following line
  • TexText ZeroDivisionError
  • "name 'Scene' is not defined" error when trying to run the manim tests scenes.
  • latex: command not found}{c}\quad \\quad \\end{array}\right]
  • LaTeX/ManimGL error while launching
  • Graphs not rendering properly
  • The stroke is not working for any geometry!!!
  • Error installing manim and running a test program
  • Manim is not correctly drawing tikzpictures
  • How to debug the code when generate the animation ?
  • Error when running the file after installation

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