fastapi_amis_admin 0.7.2


FastAPI-Amis-Admin is a high-performance, efficient and easily extensible FastAPI admin framework. I

FastAPI-Amis-Admin is a high-performance, efficient and easily extensible FastAPI admin framework. Inspired by Django-admin, and has as many powerful functions as Django-admin.

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The amisadmin/fastapi-amis-admin repo was created 2 years ago and the last code push was 1 weeks ago.
The project is popular with 869 github stars!

How to Install fastapi_amis_admin

You can install fastapi_amis_admin using pip

pip install fastapi_amis_admin

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add fastapi_amis_admin

Package Details

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A list of common fastapi_amis_admin errors.

Code Examples

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GitHub Issues

The fastapi_amis_admin package has 41 open issues on GitHub

  • integration without models
  • pydantic v2 migration problem?
  • faa 命令行初始化项目时有点版本依赖的问题
  • nav目录的时候不要link, 仅打开nav目录就ok
  • 使用postgresql asyncpg 时报错
  • 使用数组类型的字段时,表单仍为单一元素类型
  • 自定义ModelAction的问题
  • Support for sqlAlchemy 2.0
  • Fix route_create IntegrityError

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