eth-brownie 1.17.2


A Python framework for Ethereum smart contract deployment, testing and interaction.

A Python framework for Ethereum smart contract deployment, testing and interaction.

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How to Install eth-brownie

You can install eth-brownie using pip

pip install eth-brownie

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add eth-brownie

Package Details

Ben Hauser
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A list of common eth-brownie errors.

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Code Examples

Here are some eth-brownie code examples and snippets.

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GitHub Issues

The eth-brownie package as 245 open issues on GitHub

  • Verify code on matic testnet returns JSONDecodeError
  • constructor args when verifying a contract
  • feat: adding a use_latest_patch option to solc compiler config
  • contract deploy 'contract address collision'
  • cytoolz error when running brownie on Python 3.10
  • brownie not working on manjaro linux
  • GasNow End of Service
  • give txs time to complete before killing rpc
  • RPC is sometimes killed too quick, resulting in brownie.exceptions.RPCRequestError: Web3 is not connected.
  • SnowTrace Contract Verification as on Etherscan
  • vyper dev messages not reported using hardhat.
  • Error installing
  • Improved project load
  • Make it possible to call "brownie.project.load" multiple times with the same project path.
  • Brownie compile can't find relative imports

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