einsteinpy 0.4.0


Python package for General Relativity

EinsteinPy is an open-source Python package that brings the complex concepts of General Relativity and gravitational physics to your fingertips. With features like geodesics plotting for various space-time models and calculations related to Schwarzschild radius and Event Horizon, EinsteinPy makes it easy to delve into the intricacies of gravitational physics.

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How to Install einsteinpy

You can install einsteinpy using pip

pip install einsteinpy

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add einsteinpy

Package Details

Shreyas Bapat
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A list of common einsteinpy errors.

Code Examples

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GitHub Issues

The einsteinpy package has 55 open issues on GitHub

  • Calcul de l'effet de navierstroke sur un schéma de suite de fibonnacie par effet loupe en modèle tridimmensionnel dans le fonctionnement d'un trou noir
  • No module named 'einsteinpy.coordinates'
  • Documentation overhaul
  • [0.4.0] test_lambdify_args fails
  • Add new example Jupyter notebooks / edit old ones
  • Geodesic Plotting improvements
  • Documentation at needs updates

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