docker-compose 1.29.2


Multi-container orchestration for Docker

Multi-container orchestration for Docker

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How to Install docker-compose

You can install docker-compose using pip

pip install docker-compose

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add docker-compose

Package Details

Docker, Inc.
Apache License 2.0
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A list of common docker-compose errors.

Code Examples

Here are some docker-compose code examples and snippets.

GitHub Issues

The docker-compose package has 252 open issues on GitHub

  • v2 docker compose pause and docker compose unpause errors when the container is not running, where v1 was not
  • docker compose logs error with ecs context
  • Unnecessary warnings when deploying with a ECS context: services.scale unsupported
  • 2.2.3 release shasum mismatch
  • Install Docker Compose from Github like PIP does
  • Stream logs during --wait
  • services.xtlab-apache.networks.0 must be a string
  • How to apply a dns server running in docker-compsoe to another service running in the same docker-compsoe?
  • log_driver=none + compose logs regression
  • Relative paths from templates in subdirectory is not resolved correctly
  • Docker-compose up failing because "port is already allocated" #4950 - reopen?
  • Bump from 0.1.1 to 0.3.1
  • MacOS + PHP + proc_open('docker-compose (v2)') = read /dev/stderr: bad file descriptor
  • support pyyaml 6.0 in docker-compose v1
  • problem installing docker-compose on linux

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