discord-py-slash-command 4.2.1


Easy, simple, scalable and modular: a Python API wrapper for interactions.

Easy, simple, scalable and modular: a Python API wrapper for interactions.

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The interactions-py/ repo was created 3 years ago and the last code push was 23 hours ago.
The project is popular with 823 github stars!

How to Install discord-py-slash-command

You can install discord-py-slash-command using pip

pip install discord-py-slash-command

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add discord-py-slash-command

Package Details

GPL-3.0 License
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Code Examples

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GitHub Issues

The discord-py-slash-command package has 22 open issues on GitHub

  • feat: implement new helper methods
  • refactor: make methods use the MISSING value
  • [BUG] Cannot send a message with button interaction (v4.0.2)
  • [BUG] "Object of type Choice is not JSON serializable" on v4.0.2
  • [REQUEST] A better Gateway connection.
  • refactor: better Gateway for reconnection control.
  • fix: create new event loop if none exists on Python 3.10
  • feat: add Get Guild Audit Log to HTTPClient
  • [REQUEST] Relax pinned library versions
  • feat: allow passing a command name in autocomplete decorator
  • feat: create basic functionality for Extensions
  • feat: Implement new Permissions v2.01.
  • [REQUEST] Permissions System v2.01
  • [MISC] Revamping the cogs/extension framework

See more issues on GitHub

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