colorama 0.4.5


Cross-platform colored terminal text.

ANSI escape character sequences have long been used to produce colored terminal text and cursor positioning on Unix and Macs . Colorama makes this work on Windows, too, by stripping ANSI sequences it finds (which would appear as gobbledygook in the output) into win32 calls to modify the state of the terminal. Colorama has no requirements other than the standard library. Cross-platform colored terminal text.

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How to Install colorama

You can install colorama using pip

pip install colorama

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add colorama

Package Details

Jonathan Hartley
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A list of common colorama errors.

Code Examples

Here are some colorama code examples and snippets.

GitHub Issues

The colorama package has 115 open issues on GitHub

  • colorama problem with poetry export req.
  • 0.4.4: pytest is failing
  • 24 bits ANSI codes are wrongly converted instead of being stripped

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