black 22.6.0


The uncompromising code formatter.

The uncompromising code formatter.

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The project is extremely popular with a mindblowing 28578 github stars!

How to Install black

You can install black using pip

pip install black

or add it to a project with poetry

poetry add black

Package Details

Łukasz Langa
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  • Software Development/Libraries/Python Modules
  • Software Development/Quality Assurance
No  black  pypi packages just yet.


A list of common black errors.

Code Examples

Here are some black code examples and snippets.

  • black library internals

    This page is all about the black python library, the contents below is auto-generated by inspecting a python package’s code base.

GitHub Issues

The black package has 356 open issues on GitHub

  • Represent links to bad linecodes as clickable links (like flake8 does)
  • Black not respecting fluent interfaces with parenthesis
  • Allow newlines before parameter comments
  • Use parentheses on method access on float and int literals
  • Tab Support Request
  • Run tests with minimum versions of dependencies installed
  • reorganize release notes for 22.1.0
  • Pretty Terminal Output
  • Blank lines at top level code in stubs should be the same inside an if
  • Put blank lines between nested classes in typing stubs
  • Git Command on Vundle Install
  • Use parentheses with equality check in walrus/assignment statements
  • Replace with something less prone to merge conflicts
  • Performance tracker: Backtracking Parser
  • Black is not idempotent with comment over line length

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